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Potato salad can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be.  Mines is easy – always easy – simply some mayo, baby potatoes and thinly sliced spring onions all mixed together in one big bowl.  There is one wee trick though and thats to ensure the potatoes are not too soft or it will just taste like mashed potato – stop the potatoes from boiling when they are al dente ( I know thats a term for pasta but it works! lol)  –  I love my potato salad – especially when on my plate with some flavoured rice and chicken!


Oh my oh my!  Your gonna love this!  This is garlic to the max!  I prefer this bake with lamb – but I also like it with gammon.  I usually put a little cheese on top and then grill but I didnt cos I was running out of time to present my food to my guests! lol


  1. 12 decent sized potatoes
  2. 2 Leeks
  3. cheese sauce – your own or packet mix
  4. garlic – as much as you want – I use LOTS


  • Slice potatoes into about 5mm – 1cm pieces
  • Boil potatoes for 2 or 3 minutes
  • Drain potatoes
  • Fry leeks and garlic until soft – mmm the smell is wonderful!
  • Think of a lasagna – start layering up a suitable oven dish with leeks, potatoes then cheese sauce.
  • Once layered up you can add tomatoes or cheese on top
  • Oven or grill until the cheese is bubbling – if using – or until everything is hot – if reheating

Enjoy x

We had Easter lunch – ok so it was a day early due to the fact that there was alcohol involved and my husband didnt want to drink the day before he goes to work.  Acceptable I’d say.  So we had the lunch yesterday (Saturday) and today we are having leftovers (YUM! Perfect for a hangover). 


This is what we had –










So we had – Gammon joint, rosemary and garlic chicken drumsticks, homemade yorkshire puddings, vegetables to suit both meats, stuffing, potato and leek bake, croquettes and rosemary and garlic gravy…mmm   Did I forget anything? lol

At the end of this I was like …’PHEW’!  I was shattered – believe it or not! lol  I planned lunch for 3pm then changed it to 4pm.  ‘Lunch’ was served at……….7pm! lol  Everyone was sooooo hungry and getting so drunk because I warned them all not to eat anything cos I had a BIG lunch planned! lol  Never mind – everyone laughed, everyone enjoyed and had seconds. 

I am going to post how to make all these yummy dishes later in the week.


Enjoy looking x