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Aw so tasty – heres the recipe I posted before –  I added some cheddar and mixed it through then put mozarella on top!  Mmmmmmmmm  Me lovvas a wee frittata – thinking about making another with the leftover potatoes from yesterday – GREAT for using up leftovers!


Enjoy x




Hellooooo!  Well its been a while!  I keep taking photos of my food in preparation and then forget to take a photo once its cooked!  So not too many blogs from me. 

Anyways I have been busy all morning – I have made K’s Carrot and Onion Soup –  and prepared my dinner for tonight Pancetta and Spinach Chicken Roulade – which I will post later, and I made these superb cupcakes with my leftover ingredients.  (I also had spinach frittata on Friday and STILL have spinach leftover!).

I see these savoury cupcakes all the time but I visited Memoirs Of An Amateur Cook’s blog – and found this beautiful recipe –

These grabbed my attention because most savoury cupcakes have flour added but not these.  The recipe is on Sarahs blog – so go visit – the only difference was that I added leftover pancetta x 6 strips and leftover spinach 3 big handfuls and a third of a large onion instead of chorizo and asparagus.  I also omitted one egg so only added 5 – I dropped  my last egg! lol  Heres a photo once prepped!

And heres a close up so you can see the ingredients better

And here they are straight out the oven

And heres another close up – I now realise that I should have used large eggs and 6 of them!  Sarahs recipe did say fill to almost the top – but I didnt do that – When I took them out the oven I could see them deflating before my eyes! lol

These were the most tastiest savoury cupcakes ever and a pleasant change in texture.  I will defo make again and this was just using leftovers!  The minute they came out the oven myself and my family devoured them!  I would make them again and use in a summer picnic or banquet when having friends and family over. 

Thank you Sarah! x

I use up all foods in my house – its very rarely that anything has to be thrown away.  I add to dishes, I substitute, I invent, I make extra – I just love it!  So I thought I would include a section on my blog – to show you just what I do with leftover food. 

Here is my leftover food from Easter.  I simply added more croquettes and vegetables – and I got a dinner for 4 people out of it!  There was quite a large chunk of ham left!

This is was a simple one.  I could have added the ham to mac n cheese, or cut thick wedges and added a fried egg on top or pineapple,  I could have made a lasagna, frittata – the list is endless – but if you remember rightly – I was a tad hungover the next day so this was a quick meal for me! lol

Enjoy x

I make frittatas all the time!  My family love them.  Its so quick, easy and cheap to make them!  My secret key ingredient is ‘Garlicky Stuff’!  Basically its garlic, parsley and olive oil.  I blend all 3 together and add to my frittatas.  I never used to make frittatas but since I discovered this garlicky stuff – I make them all the time.  I usually use leftovers or stuff thats going out of date soon or vegetables that are just about to go off. 

The difference between an omelette and a frittata is that the filling for an omelette sits on the top of the egg mixture and then its flipped in half – the filling for a frittata is mixed through the egg mixture 😉  You learn something new everyday!


  1. Eggs!  Now – I usually use about 7 or 8 small ones but you can use as many as you want – if depends on the size of your pan too – cos you want this frittata to be ‘taller’ than an omelette that you havent flipped in half yet.
  2. Milk – I would say half a cup to 3/4 of a cup
  3. 3 slices of smoked bacon or half a smoked sausage – (cos thats what I had left over) – slice into smallish pieces (is smallish a word? lol)
  4. half a red onion thinly sliced or white onion or some shallots or spring onions – you decide!
  5. handful or 2 of frozen, sliced mixed peppers
  6. Garlicky stuff – judge for yourself – I like about 6 dessert spoons of the stuff! (See above on how to make!)
  7. Cheese – any kind – as much/less as you like


  • Put half the garlicky stuff in a frying pan and put on a medium heat
  • Add peppers, onion, ham and fry until cooked
  • Mix eggs and milk and then pour into frying pan
  • Mix through half the cheese and start bringing the edges of the frittata to the centre as it cooks – dont do this too often as all the filling will end up in the middle – move the filling around evenly and add more garlicky stuff if you want!
  • Once almost cooked – top with more or little cheese and then put into a pre heated oven (say – 200 degrees C) until cheese is brown/bubbling
  • Slide onto a plate and then START EATING!

I use ‘Garlicky Stuff’ with everything!  I will post a recipe and photo soon 🙂

Enjoy x

SORRY!  I am not the best at taking photos of food – but I aim to get better! 🙂