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You can see the spicy drummers next to the Union flag paper plates! lol.  This was too easy to make…

  • 4 tablespoons of ketchup
  • 4 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 4 tablespoons of honey
  • 5 teaspoons of  hot chilli powder
  • 12 chicken drumsticks
  • lots of crushed garlic

Simply mix in a bowl and them toss the chicken in them then roast til ready – I like them blackened and crispy.  My guests remarked on the hottness of the chicken so use the chilli wisely.  Me? – I like to scare my guests…






Jubilee weekend is here but I wont make jubilee themed cupcakes like everyone else will – I do not enjoy baking but I like the idea of pretty things sitting on a cake stand.  Cake stands look wonderful!  So – I decided to to put some beautiful sandwiches on a union flag patterned cake stand. 

On the top tier I got some flour wraps and put garlic cream cheese and french garlic sausage, rolled them up, put in the fridge overnight and then cut at angles – delish!  I have to admit we ate a few – the smell was too tempting! lol

On the middle tier are some cucumber sandwiches – not just cucumber cos that would be mega boring now wouldnt it? lol – So I got a slice of white bread, spread it with cheese n chive spread, brown sliced bread on top, buttered it and added 9 thin slices of cucumber before putting another white slice of bread on top.   Then on top of these 3 tiered sandwiches I put another layer of 9 thin slices of cucumber on top, cut the crusts off and then cut into 9 squares and secured with a wee union flag stick!

On the bottom tier are rolls halved with the expected coronation chicken on them!  Cheats coronation chicken of course cos its me! lol.  3 chicken fillets oven baked, cooled then cut into small chunks.  Then about 200 grams of mayo, 150 grams of mango chutney – I used Asdas special mango, apple and ginger chutney – I dare you to smell it without allowing your saliva to form in your mouth – IMPOSSIBLE!  And then about 4 or 5 teaspoons of medium curry powder.  Mix together and hey presto!

Ok so yesterday I had a wee celebration to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  Any excuse for some lovely food and fine alcohol!  My only wish was to have the sun shining so we could all sit in the garden – but no – not in Scotland!

I apologise for the bad photography and poor presentation – I was running late – as usual – and I just threw the food on the table! 😦

First up – some sarnies!

Next up mini toad in the holes with onion gravy and buttered potatoes.  Chicken was on the menu too – plain drumsticks and also some spicy drumsticks




Potato salad




I set my niece a challenge – asked her to make a traditional Victoria sponge – the recipe she followed was not so traditional and for some apparent reason when she added pink colouring to the icing- it turned orange…go figure! lol.  It tasted great though – so a big well done to her!


I will soon post details of recipes/techniques used – but for now I am going to enjoy some sausage sarnies and watch the 1st of 3 days of Jubilee celebrations on TV whilst I ‘recover’ from my indoor street party!


Enjoy x

This is a warm and hearty stew.  It will probably be the last time I cook it until Winter because Summer is defo here!  The smells that come from this dish are amazing!  I like to make the casserole a day in advance because the garlic and rosemary really fuse together with the flavour from the chicken and vegetables.  So I made this on Thursday and we had it last night for dinner!


  • 3 uncooked chicken fillets, chopped into bite sized pieces
  • 1 carrot chopped into thick rounds
  • 1 onion sliced thickly
  • 3 cloves garlic chopped small
  • sprig of rosemary  – take off the sprig and chop
  • stock/gravy – I use 5 heaped teaspoons of bisto beef powder
  • 600mls cold water
  • have a thickener for the gravy on standby incase lots of juice from the chicken thins the gravy – eg cornflour – I use Bisto chicken granules


1)  Pre heat oven to 180* fan. 

2)   Put carrot, onion, garlic, rosemary and chicken into a big casserole dish

3)  Add the bisto powder to 100mls of water and mix until dissolved, then add to dish

4)   Add remaining water and mix through

5)   Place lid on dish and put in oven for about 1hr 10 mins stir half way.  Judge for yourself – its really until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are soft.

As usual I forgot to take a photo once plated up – we had it with creamy mashed potatoes and mashed turnip – it is really an ideal winter warmer!  So no more for my family until it is nearly Santa Claus time! lol

Enjoy x

Tonights dinner was Spinach & Pancetta Chicken Roulade.  I have only made this once before and was supposed to add some kind of cheese to it – I cant remember what cheese, but my husband couldnt find it in the supermarket so I just added cheddar.  Personally it was so tasty I couldnt see any reason for adding cheese in the first place – the garlic was AMAZING!  So this time I decided to omit the cheese!  I also should have bought baby spinach but didnt – but it was still FANTASTIC!


  • Skinless chicken breast – I used 3 medium sized
  • 4 slices of pancetta per chicken breast
  • Spinach – try and use baby spinach
  • garlic – to your taste – I used LOADS and I actually used pureed garlic from a tube!  48 hours and all I have done is chop bloomin garlic – I wanted a rest! lol


1)  Batter your chicken breast between sheets of clingfilm until thin and layer with 4 slices of pancetta, leaving the far outer side with non filling to allow for movement of the filling when rolling

2)  Add a layer of spinach and scatter/dot garlic on top – I actually did it this way with my first breast but for the other 2 breasts I added garlic puree first – THEN the spinach because when rolling my hands got covered in garlic – but the spinach on top protects – you want as much garlic in there!

3)   Roll the chicken breast up with the join at the bottom and if there are any spinach or pancetta sticking out at the sides – tuck it under

4)  Wrap the chicken up tightly in tin foil and seal.  Place in fridge so that the chicken can take shape – I prepared this in the morning which is fine.

5)  Place chicken in oven – preheated to 180* fan for 45 minutes

I served mines with roast potatoes, mashed carrot with cinnamon and a little honey, and cauliflower and onion cream DELISH!  Unfortunately my photos of the end product didnt turn out too good as you can see from the photo at the very top, but  here is a photo of my sons dinner – halfway through eating! lol

I love chicken with crispy skin.  I love garlic and rosemary with everything.  So I combined the two and presented them at last weekends Easter lunch.  Here they are at the top left hand side of a very blurry foto but you can see it on the header of my page.  (I promise I will get better at this! lol)




1)  Chicken drumsticks

2)  Garlic cloves or puree – to your taste – I used LOTS!

3)  Rosemary – Pull the leaves off the sprigs – again to your taste

4)  Olive oil


  • Wash chicken and place in an oven tray – in an even layer
  • Mix oil, rosemary and garlic together and pour over chicken then rub all over with hands
  • Place in a preheated oven – fan 200* until the skins are crispy and the chicken is cooked completely

I have to say that this is the most tastiest chicken EVER!  I also use this chicken recipe in my favourite tray bakes – which I will share with you the next time I bake one!

Enjoy x

We had Easter lunch – ok so it was a day early due to the fact that there was alcohol involved and my husband didnt want to drink the day before he goes to work.  Acceptable I’d say.  So we had the lunch yesterday (Saturday) and today we are having leftovers (YUM! Perfect for a hangover). 


This is what we had –










So we had – Gammon joint, rosemary and garlic chicken drumsticks, homemade yorkshire puddings, vegetables to suit both meats, stuffing, potato and leek bake, croquettes and rosemary and garlic gravy…mmm   Did I forget anything? lol

At the end of this I was like …’PHEW’!  I was shattered – believe it or not! lol  I planned lunch for 3pm then changed it to 4pm.  ‘Lunch’ was served at……….7pm! lol  Everyone was sooooo hungry and getting so drunk because I warned them all not to eat anything cos I had a BIG lunch planned! lol  Never mind – everyone laughed, everyone enjoyed and had seconds. 

I am going to post how to make all these yummy dishes later in the week.


Enjoy looking x