Tonights dinner was Spinach & Pancetta Chicken Roulade.  I have only made this once before and was supposed to add some kind of cheese to it – I cant remember what cheese, but my husband couldnt find it in the supermarket so I just added cheddar.  Personally it was so tasty I couldnt see any reason for adding cheese in the first place – the garlic was AMAZING!  So this time I decided to omit the cheese!  I also should have bought baby spinach but didnt – but it was still FANTASTIC!


  • Skinless chicken breast – I used 3 medium sized
  • 4 slices of pancetta per chicken breast
  • Spinach – try and use baby spinach
  • garlic – to your taste – I used LOADS and I actually used pureed garlic from a tube!  48 hours and all I have done is chop bloomin garlic – I wanted a rest! lol


1)  Batter your chicken breast between sheets of clingfilm until thin and layer with 4 slices of pancetta, leaving the far outer side with non filling to allow for movement of the filling when rolling

2)  Add a layer of spinach and scatter/dot garlic on top – I actually did it this way with my first breast but for the other 2 breasts I added garlic puree first – THEN the spinach because when rolling my hands got covered in garlic – but the spinach on top protects – you want as much garlic in there!

3)   Roll the chicken breast up with the join at the bottom and if there are any spinach or pancetta sticking out at the sides – tuck it under

4)  Wrap the chicken up tightly in tin foil and seal.  Place in fridge so that the chicken can take shape – I prepared this in the morning which is fine.

5)  Place chicken in oven – preheated to 180* fan for 45 minutes

I served mines with roast potatoes, mashed carrot with cinnamon and a little honey, and cauliflower and onion cream DELISH!  Unfortunately my photos of the end product didnt turn out too good as you can see from the photo at the very top, but  here is a photo of my sons dinner – halfway through eating! lol