I use up all foods in my house – its very rarely that anything has to be thrown away.  I add to dishes, I substitute, I invent, I make extra – I just love it!  So I thought I would include a section on my blog – to show you just what I do with leftover food. 

Here is my leftover food from Easter.  I simply added more croquettes and vegetables – and I got a dinner for 4 people out of it!  There was quite a large chunk of ham left!

This is was a simple one.  I could have added the ham to mac n cheese, or cut thick wedges and added a fried egg on top or pineapple,  I could have made a lasagna, frittata – the list is endless – but if you remember rightly – I was a tad hungover the next day so this was a quick meal for me! lol

Enjoy x