I love chicken with crispy skin.  I love garlic and rosemary with everything.  So I combined the two and presented them at last weekends Easter lunch.  Here they are at the top left hand side of a very blurry foto but you can see it on the header of my page.  (I promise I will get better at this! lol)




1)  Chicken drumsticks

2)  Garlic cloves or puree – to your taste – I used LOTS!

3)  Rosemary – Pull the leaves off the sprigs – again to your taste

4)  Olive oil


  • Wash chicken and place in an oven tray – in an even layer
  • Mix oil, rosemary and garlic together and pour over chicken then rub all over with hands
  • Place in a preheated oven – fan 200* until the skins are crispy and the chicken is cooked completely

I have to say that this is the most tastiest chicken EVER!  I also use this chicken recipe in my favourite tray bakes – which I will share with you the next time I bake one!

Enjoy x