I love stuffing – I love it soo much – I remember at Christmas we would shout out ‘I want hundreds of stuffing mum!’ lol.  When I met my husband he had not tasted our childhood stuffing mix and would claim to not like stuffing – I soon changed his mind …

My childhood stuffing is simple – it consists of 3 ingredients;

  1. Square sliced steak sausage
  2. Paxo stuffing mix
  3. water


  • Put a large packet of Paxo stuffing mix in a large bowl and add hot water from the tap (years ago my Nana used to add boiling water but because I mix by hand – I dont like boiling water – its sore …  lolol) 
  • Mix til wet but defo not soggy!
  • Break up the sausages into small teeny wee bits and add to paxo
  • Take clean hands and nails and mix and knead the mixture
  • Half the mixture in 2 and make a sausage shape – the reason being is that it cooks evenly because of the shape
  • Wrap very loose in tin foil and bake at about 170*fan for about an hour – test that its cooked – if not then keep in oven til cooked – I have to say that my stuffing is never the same I always have to check it whilst its cooking! lol I dont know why cos I make it umpteen times a year! lol

Traditionally in our family we used to use sausagemeat – I cant do that anymore!  It repulses me 😦

The stuffing mix is at the top left hand of the photograph – I tried to crop the image but it wouldnt let me do so!

Enjoy x