I like soups.  I make them weekly.  But as the year goes on, I rarely make soups in the warmer weather – I like soups when its cold.  Makes me feel kinda cosy, and I like to be cosy.

I very rarely freeze soups because I think it impares the taste.  Although I prefer soup that is a day old so that the flavours all infuse together. 

Soup is a good and healthy way of tricking kids into eating their vegetables.  Blend it!  Whoever invented blenders should be made a saint! lol

There are some soups I like to blend, some I like to mash and some I like to do nothing to.  For instance, a good hearty broth should have nice lumps of chopped vegetables and also some vegetables grated to get a balance of textures and flavours.  Grating vegetables releases more flavour.

I hope you enjoy my recipes – there wont be many at first because as I said – I prefer soups when its the colder weather.

Enjoy x